E-commerce Trends to Expect in 2019

The online shopping industry is changing. Last year, mobile purchases increased by 55% and are projected to account for $175bn purchases by 2022. Customer expectations are now bigger, with as many as 4 in 10 online buyers expecting retailers to offer same-day shipping services. If you regularly shop online, some of the changes coming to Continue Reading

Dyscorpia brilliantly weaves the vanishing boundaries between humans and technology

Artificial intelligence, genetically modified foods, social media battlefields, ceaseless cellphone use — each of these feels like a vast, unconscious invasion of uncontrolled experiments set loose on our lives without permission. And if you haven’t noticed the accompanying stress, I do envy your recent, 20-year sabbatical on Mars. Dyscorpia, an ambitious and frankly unnerving group art Continue Reading

Global Advanced Chatbots Market 2019 Share, Growth, Key Manufacturers Analysis and Regional Forecast

ORBIS RESEARCH has recently announced “Global Advanced Chatbots Market” report with all the critical analysis on the current state of the industry, demand for the product, environment for investment and existing competition. Global Advanced Chatbots Market report is a focused study on various market affecting factors and comprehensive survey of industry covering major aspects like Continue Reading

Company With Creepy AI That Recognizes Emotions Aims to ‘Understand All Things Human’

American start-up company, Affectiva successfully built an AI learning system that can recognize human emotions by analyzing facial expressions, is now building on their technological successes. With emotional recognition squared away, Affectiva’s new project aims to create a Human Perception AI, artificial intelligence that “understands all things human.” Although that may sound like a moon Continue Reading

How AI is transforming customer management in banking sector

There has been a considerable rise in the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools in the BFSI sector. This intelligent technology is helping the banking industry overcome customer service challenges and improve its operations and services. Its application and use cases are seen in more areas, especially in the banking sector. Continue Reading