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The global closed beta version of Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder – the latest addition to their pioneering DIY platform will soon be launched. This next generation chatbot builder from Appy Pie will surely prove to be beneficial for businesses by adding an edge to the overall user experience, thus offering support and driving sales and revenue like never before.

Just like their app building and automation platform, Appy Pie’s chatbot builder will be powered by artificial intelligence, making it easy and cost-effective for business owners to create their own chatbots without any technical expertise. With their own chatbot, businesses can not only scale live chat conversations on their website but can also automate their processes and lessen the burden of their customer support team by automating the easy tasks that don’t require human action.

“In this era of Artificial Intelligence, everything has become automated and simple to use. So, to ensure that small and medium-sized businesses have the resources to integrate the latest and greatest technologies, we have taken a step further and are all set to launch chatbot builder for our users,” says Scot Small, CEO Appy Pie. “With this DIY chatbot builder, businesses can build their own chatbot without any coding and that too in minutes. Utilizing our chatbot builder, you can build three different types of chatbots according to the functionality you desire – drive sales, offer support, and actual agent transfer,” he added.

Appy Pie has offices in London, New Delhi, and Virginia, with a combined staff of more than 200 people. The company’s sole aim is to empower small businesses and help them achieve success in this cut-throat competition. A simple, yet powerful DIY platform, Appy Pie also helps startups save thousands of dollars with its workflow automation services, enabling them to create a greater impact with less efforts by adding speed, consistency, and visibility to their workflow.

About Appy Pie

Appy Pie, a Trademark of Appy Pie LLC, is an unrivalled leader in the mobile app bandwagon that allows anyone to transform their app ideas to reality, without any technical knowledge. Simply drag and drop the features and create an advanced Android or iOS application for mobiles and smartphones, as easy as pie. You can also install Appy Pie’s Android and iOS App and start creating your app on the fly. You can also download the PWA version of your app through PWA Store


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