Sprint Uses Chatbots to Cut Customer Service Calls by Nearly a Third

Around a year and a half into Sprint’s efforts to overhaul its call center operations with artificial intelligence, the carrier says the technology has substantially reduced the number of customer inquiries its human representatives need to field. Sprint chief digital officer Rob Roy said about 30% of online chats are now conducted solely by machine-learning-powered Continue Reading

Malaysia to require banks to report exposure to climate risks

Malaysia’s central bank governor said financial institutions will be required to report their exposure to climate risks and the information it gathers could be used to set regulatory standards in Southeast Asia’s third biggest economy. Bank governor Nor Shamsiah Mohamad Yunus said the recent shroud of haze in Malaysia and neighbouring Indonesia and Singapore from Continue Reading

What’s Next for Company Chatbots

Early corporate adopters of chatbots, finding that the technology has saved them money, are working to improve them and exploring other areas where they could be put to use.   Chatbots use artificial-intelligence-based algorithms to understand and answer text or voice questions from customers and sometimes employees. Companies such as TD Ameritrade Holding Corp., Ernst Continue Reading

Artificial intelligence can improve sales by four times compared to some human employees

Chatbots, which use artificial intelligence to simulate human conversation through voice commands or text chats, incur almost zero marginal costs and can outsell some human employees by four times, so why aren’t they used more often? According to new research, the main contributor is customer pushback Service industry outlets like American Eagle Outfitters and Domino’s Continue Reading

Facebook Acquires Servicefriend to Enable Calibra with Chatbots

Facebook in a recent is reported to have acquired the AI-based bot startup known by the name Servicefriend. This acquisition is to provide to Calibra’s customer service. Calibra is the Libra’s digital wallet, Facebook’s newly proposed cryptocurrency. On September 19th, an Israeli newspaper highlighted the news about the acquisition. Facebook says that it wishes to Continue Reading