Automation for Business: Can a Chatbot Change Your Customer Service Game?

As advances in technology improve business operations, entrepreneurs should tap into the wealth of available resources. One such development that has been increasing in popularity is the rise of chatbots. A chatbot is a computer program that converses with customers via text or verbal communication. Chatbots have become popular as of late with applications such Continue Reading

Tips for improving chatbot design and functionality

Chatbots are aiding business to automate services and customers are becoming more familiar using them. However, to derive maximum business efficiency, chatbots can be better designed according to a leading expert.   When building a chatbot, developing a system that closely replicates and simulates human conversation, while driving engagement and customer satisfaction, represents the overriding Continue Reading

Chatbots a Gamechanger for Retailers: Report

Retailers have deeply fallen in love with chatbots, with virtual assistants helping them retain customers successfully and lower operational costs.   According to a study by Juniper Research, chatbots are becoming a common sight across the industry as luxury shopkeepers embrace new technology tools to streamline their operations.   “By embracing automated customer service with Continue Reading

Despite IT Aides, Humans Still Rule Recruitment

Although the recruitment industry appears to be a slow adapter of the latest technological innovations, openness to such tools can be a game-changer in a sector that digitization has uprooted, significantly changing how the predominantly human-to-human business is done. Industry insiders told the Budapest Business Journal how IT has changed their everyday business. Digitalization has Continue Reading