Are The Differences Between Chatbots And Smart Assistants Disappearing?

The big difference between chatbots and smart assistants was their method of interaction with humans. Chatbots were preprogrammed to answer specific questions and react to certain stimuli mainly within a customer service niche. But if they encountered anything outside their programming they would fail abysmally, leaving the customer dissatisfied with the company’s service. Smart assistants, however, Continue Reading

Financial Services Technology AI Can Help Improve Financial Wellness

Financial services technology has changed the retirement plan industry landscape. Artificial intelligence (AI) is now more prevalent within financial services technology than ever before. In fact, according to a recent article from Benzinga, a website for investors, “AI has been growing exponentially growing at the speed of the fintech industry” and financial services technology.   Continue Reading

One insurance role that could be wiped out by artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is going to have a big impact on adjusters, actuaries and insurance agents, but it won’t necessarily kill their jobs, an AI expert suggests. But lower-skilled jobs may be in jeopardy. “Jobs at call centres are going to disappear slowly with chatbots,” predicts Eli Fathi, co-founder and CEO of Ottawa-based MindBridge Analytics Inc., Continue Reading

Are chatbots and AI really threats to insurance workers?

Chatbots and artificial intelligence offer endless possibilities for business processes across industries but for a people-oriented sector such as insurance, embracing them seems to be a hard pill to swallow. Some fear that these technologies could take over several tasks and displace many insurance workers, leaving them jobless. Others are skeptical due to security concerns Continue Reading

Digital transformation: How one bank is using AI, big data and chatbots to create new services

Anyone looking for an industry to illustrate the implications of digital disruption need look no further than financial services. High-street branches continue to close at an alarming rate as many services go online, while the traditional banks face stiff competition from online rivals who don’t have to worry about bricks-and-mortar at all – plus a Continue Reading

Chatbots Gain Traction But Trust Is Low, Study Finds

It’s no surprise that consumers crave a highly personalized shopping experience, want the highest calibre of customer service and they also want problems resolved quickly. What remains elusive is how marketers should approach interactions with customers today given the rise of chatbots and other automated technology that promises faster resolutions and reduced operational costs. A Continue Reading