AI Software May Predict Flu Season’s Impact

Knowing when the annual influenza virus begins and stops spreading could help doctors, pharmacists and nurses reduce its economic and health impact. Fortunately, computer researchers investigating Artificial Intelligence (AI) forecasting models are making significant headway. A newly published paper “Sequence to Sequence with Attention for Influenza Prevalence Prediction using Google Trends“ by scientists from the University of Continue Reading

Gantry Palletizers Market Trend, Growth, Segmentation and Opportunities Forecast To 2028

The demand for palletizers has grown tremendously over the last decade as companies are moving towards industrial automation to reduce human error probability and pace up the material handling tasks. The technology involved in palletizers has evolved from servo motor driven automatic systems to gantry palletizers with artificial intelligence (AI) learning features. Robotic palletizers can Continue Reading

Samsung outs new On-Device AI technology for low-cost AI learning

The future of AI is secured although it needs a lot of work. Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. It only needs further innovations and development. Recently introduced by Samsung is an On-Device AI processing technology that knows data intervals that help achieve “learning”. This NPU solution brings ‘Quantization1 Interval Learning’ (QIL) for data accuracy, Continue Reading

Chatbots Are Over Hyped: Emerj Report Shows Banks Overstate the Traction and ROI of Conversational Interfaces

Banking communications and press releases show conversational interfaces accounting for 38.87% of the AI use-cases at banks. In truth, most chatbots are pilot projects with little to no evidence of ROI; they’re touted in the press to make banks appear more modern and convenient to customers. Emerj’s AI in Banking Vendor Scorecard and Capability Map Continue Reading

Fusemachines Launches Its First Fuse AI Center in Nepal

Fusemachines announces the launch of the first Fuse AI Center for training and research in Kathmandu (Nepal) to scale its mission of democratizing Artificial Intelligence. Building on to its successful global AI Fellowship program that started in 2017, Fusemachines will start offering classroom-based training in AI along with its proprietary online platform.   The Continue Reading

Is AI Ready To Transform The Marketing Industry?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools are becoming increasingly common throughout the world of business and marketing, especially since they allow unprecedented levels of efficiency due to automation.   A survey found that 80% of enterprise-level organizations are already using some form of artificial intelligence (AI) in their business — of which, 32% is related Continue Reading

The must attend AI events of 2019

Last year 62% of companies boosted their enterprises adopting AI into their work processes. It can no longer be disputed that businesses should continuously search for ways to effectively implement and drive value through artificial intelligence.   In 2019 the stage is set for AI to make an even greater impact on the world. As Continue Reading