AI upgrades the digital twin

Virtual representations and simulated models of manufacturing models – or digital twins – were first proposed by Dr Michael Grieves at the Society of Manufacturing Engineers conference in 2002. It was based on the idea that a “digital informational construct about a physical system could be created as an entity on its own. This digital Continue Reading

Chatbots for text-messages are penetrating HR departments

TotalSoft, one of the most important providers of business information systems in Central Europe, part of the Logo group since 2016, announces the expansion of investments in the chatbot software dedicated to HR departments. According to international studies, 80 percent of the employees use at least one professional text messaging application. Also, 89 percent of consumers Continue Reading

Deep Learning AI on XSEDE Systems Promises Fewer False Alarms and Early Prediction of Breast Cancer

Screening mammography is an important tool against breast cancer, but it has its limitations. A “normal” screening mammogram means that a woman doesn’t have cancer now. But doctors wonder whether “normal” images contain clues about a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer in the future. Also, most women “recalled” for more tests when their mammograms Continue Reading

Taking the human out of human resources?

Artificial intelligence is often described as the fourth industrial revolution. Human workers have been displaced by machines before, but AI’s learning and decision-making capabilities present new challenges for the workplace. AI introduces potential legal implications for the employment relationship and employment law may have to adapt to cover the complexities of adding intelligent systems to Continue Reading

e-Gro launches in North America

Rockwool supplier Grodan has brought their e-Gro software platform to the North American market.   Originally launched in the Netherlands during the HortiContact trade show, e-Gro went on to win the Concept Innovation award at GreenTech earlier this year.   With cloud solutions, Internet of Things (IoT), AI learning and big data, Grodan says that Continue Reading