CSAA offers digital cameras to clients to boost claims experience

Walnut Creek, Calif.-based CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA Insurer, is partnering with Owlcam, a Palo Alto, Calif-based provider of car security webcams and services, to improve the P&C insurer’s customer claims experience.   CSAA’s customers can opt to use Owlcam’s 4G LTE service, HD cameras and artificial intelligence to upload videos of accidents, break-ins and Continue Reading

Squirrel AI Learning by Yixue Group at World Summit AI Americas (WSAI): How does AI upgrade the Education Industry

With the rapid development and wide application of AI in all walks of life, online education has surfed the tide of AI applications. At present, an AI-based adaptive learning system is being rapidly developed and delivered to both China and internationally. What is adaptive learning? What are the application mechanisms of adaptive learning? How will Continue Reading

Talk Dirty With Machine

Robots flirt more or less how you’d expect: awkwardly, employing clichés, direct questions and the occasional emoji to communicate interest. Sound like the guy you’ve been talking to on Bumble? Well, that’s a good thing as far as an emerging group of tech entrepreneurs is concerned. “Flirttech,” if you will, has recently assumed the form Continue Reading

Xiao-i Empowers Enterprises with Cognitive Intelligence

Xiao-i AI Learning Platform, the talent development and knowledge sharing platform of Shanghai Xiaoi Robot Technology Co. Ltd (“Xiao-i” or “the Company”), a leading developer of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and industry application platforms, recently held its seminar on “Redefining the Operation of Contact Center with AI” in Hong Kong. Over 40 customer service specialists Continue Reading

Announcing ANIMAS, Machine Learning for the Tactical EdgeZ

Portability, austere conditions and bandwidth limitations are amongst the many hurdles in bringing advanced technology to the tactical edge while still leaving our forward troops with limited information at best. To solve these complex issues, Zapata AI announces our Artificial Neural-Intelligence Modular Analytics System (ANIMAS) (Patent Pending). ANIMAS greatly enhances an operator’s ability to gain, Continue Reading