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The demand for palletizers has grown tremendously over the last decade as companies are moving towards industrial automation to reduce human error probability and pace up the material handling tasks. The technology involved in palletizers has evolved from servo motor driven automatic systems to gantry palletizers with artificial intelligence (AI) learning features. Robotic palletizers can be broadly segmented into gantry palletizers and articulated palletizers. The gantry palletizers are capable of handling a wide range of SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) including cases, cartons, bags, drums, pails, sacks, and trays. High load handling capability along with robotic intelligence has driven the gantry palletizers market across the globe

Global Gantry Palletizers Market Dynamics

Continuously advancing technology and stagnating prices of gantry palletizers have attracted various industries leading top maturity in demand for conventional palletizers. The strong and wide floor support of the gantry palletizers makes them capable of handling much higher loads as compared to articulated palletizers. The working space of articulated palletizers is not well defined which leads to a probability of accidents in the facility.

On the other hand, the working area of gantry palletizers is well defined, and the machinery is generally caged into the required space for the working of gantry palletizers, leading to a safer working environment for labor in the facility. Moreover, the price of gantry palletizers is low as compared to articulated palletizers for the same load handling capacity. These factors are the winning imperative for gantry palletizers over other palletizers.

Although, large facility space consumption is one of the factors which has restrained the global gantry palletizers market. Recent developments introduced in the gantry palletizers market include the mixed case palletizing, which stands for the palletizing of the products in a specified pattern rather than simply placing the SKUs one over another. Involvement of artificial intelligence technology, including AI learning features which reduce the input requirements for the operation of palletizer and greatly reduces the probability of human errors, is gaining high popularity in the gantry palletizers market.


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