Deep Learning AI on XSEDE Systems Promises Fewer False Alarms and Early Prediction of Breast Cancer

Screening mammography is an important tool against breast cancer, but it has its limitations. A “normal” screening mammogram means that a woman doesn’t have cancer now. But doctors wonder whether “normal” images contain clues about a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer in the future. Also, most women “recalled” for more tests when their mammograms Continue Reading

Eleven Trending AI Chatbot Platforms

The artificial intelligence of the chatbots is revolutionizing the customer experience. They can provide useful information to customers when they need it. Hence, a number of companies that use AI Chatbots have grown exponentially. It provides them with proactive assistance to their customers. Many brands have supercharged their customer service experience with chatbots. It has Continue Reading

Taking the human out of human resources?

Artificial intelligence is often described as the fourth industrial revolution. Human workers have been displaced by machines before, but AI’s learning and decision-making capabilities present new challenges for the workplace. AI introduces potential legal implications for the employment relationship and employment law may have to adapt to cover the complexities of adding intelligent systems to Continue Reading

Chatbots: Beyond the Hype, Now What?

The time when we start with chatbots ‘because it can’ is over. Instead, we look at data-driven chatbots that will really add something to our business processes. Chatbots will become a stable factor in our developments and with this we will confidently enter the fourth industrial revolution with artificial intelligence, robotization, Internet of Things, Cloud Continue Reading

Chatting with Chatbots

Chatbots have started to infiltrate every corner of higher ed — from admissions to student affairs, career services and even test prep. Is that a good thing? More and more colleges are deploying virtual assistants or chatbots to communicate with students on all aspects of college life, creating a virtual “one-stop-shop” for student queries. Colleges Continue Reading

Microsoft unveils ICECAPS to power chatbots with multiple personas

Microsoft Research team has open sourced a new toolkit for conversational modelling that will allow developers and researchers to power their chatbots with multiple personas. Called Intelligent Conversation Engine: Code and Pre-trained Systems, or ICECAPS, the new toolkit is built on top of TensorFlow to enable chatbots generate different responses depending on the environment or Continue Reading

Advanced Chatbots Market Analysis, Emerging Technology, Competitive Strategies and Forecasts, 2019 To 2025

It supplies a comprehensive analysis of business aspects like global Advanced Chatbots market size, recent technological advances, stocks, general tendencies, and inventions. Additional this Advanced Chatbots data was compiled through data methods like secondary and primary search. An expert group of analysts throws light in addition to lively locations of the worldwide Advanced Chatbots market. Continue Reading