Announcing ANIMAS, Machine Learning for the Tactical EdgeZ

Portability, austere conditions and bandwidth limitations are amongst the many hurdles in bringing advanced technology to the tactical edge while still leaving our forward troops with limited information at best. To solve these complex issues, Zapata AI announces our Artificial Neural-Intelligence Modular Analytics System (ANIMAS) (Patent Pending). ANIMAS greatly enhances an operator’s ability to gain, Continue Reading

Enriching Employee Experience through Technology

It has been said building the employee experience is the next competitive frontier for companies. In the U.S. alone, employees are quitting their jobs in record numbers with studies showing the voluntary turnover hovering above 15%. That makes streamlining work and improving the employee experience a fundamental imperative for businesses as they struggle to maintain Continue Reading

Despite IT Aides, Humans Still Rule Recruitment

Although the recruitment industry appears to be a slow adapter of the latest technological innovations, openness to such tools can be a game-changer in a sector that digitization has uprooted, significantly changing how the predominantly human-to-human business is done. Industry insiders told the Budapest Business Journal how IT has changed their everyday business. Digitalization has Continue Reading