Alfred AI

Alfred serving Chat / FB MSN for financial Services What do you like best? The high accuracy in complex languages such as Spanish and Portuguese. It was super easy to implement because they take care of setting up intends, answers and dialogs in general. They also offer an omni-channel platform so Alfred AI can operate Continue Reading


“ Best Chatbot Platform Ever” What do you like best? This amazing platform makes easy to integrate your Woo commerce store with different platforms like messenger, telegram, and even Whats app creating a powerful tool for selling and users assistant. It also have the best support team working quickly resolving any issues. On implementation stage Continue Reading


“An excellent experience” What do you like best? From the bot administration platform to be a very simple application to operate without having previous experience in the administration of bots. For the final customer the interaction is very simple with the bot to have a response time less than a human attention. In human attention Continue Reading

Intercom Chat bot

“Great Product, AMAZING customer support..” What do you like best?  Our customers became more loyal to us, as we began to respond quickly to their questions  A single listing of conversations with our customers (earlier part was in an e-mail, part of messengers, and part of the phone)  Easy integration with our application What do Continue Reading