e-Gro launches in North America

Rockwool supplier Grodan has brought their e-Gro software platform to the North American market.   Originally launched in the Netherlands during the HortiContact trade show, e-Gro went on to win the Concept Innovation award at GreenTech earlier this year.   With cloud solutions, Internet of Things (IoT), AI learning and big data, Grodan says that Continue Reading

Slow brain learning may soon be the focus of ultrafast artificial intelligence

For seven decades, artificial intelligence has been used to mimic the learning capabilities of the human brain using modern computers and large datasets. However, the slow and natural learning process of the human mind has remained distinct from AI learning algorithms, which operate at lightning fast speeds.   But now, a team of scientists at Continue Reading

China’s Squirrel propels AI with Mellon

In China, Squirrel propels AI education by teaming up with Carnegie Mellon University, a Pennsylvania-based university. Both will set up experimental laboratories focused on promoting innovative and emerging technologies and develop personalized training modules for global export. Having been on the preferred list of companies offering AI education in China for some time now, Squirrel Continue Reading

How AI Is Transforming Education?

Like any developing technology, there has always remained an atmosphere of intrigue encircling the idea of Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as its applicability in various industries. The discovery of AI has been discussed over the years. Some see this technology as the beginning step towards a life where human professions are no longer needed. Continue Reading

Cobwebs Technologies Earns Acclaim from Frost & Sullivan for its AI-based Web Intelligence Solutions

Based on its recent analysis of the global artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Web intelligence market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Cobwebs Technologies with the 2019 Global Technology Innovation Award for leveraging machine learning (ML) and AI-powered analytics to develop industry-leading Web intelligence solutions. Its game-changing solutions empower organizations to search, and analyze information across the open, deep, and Continue Reading

Xiao-i AI Learning Platform 2-day Training on Smart Customer Service Successfully Held

Shanghai Xiaoi Robot Technology Co. Ltd , a leading developer of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and industry application platforms, is delighted to announce its AI Learning Platform has recently held a 2-day training course on “AI+CC Smart Customer System: the Best Practice of Establishment, Operation and Management” in Hong Kong (“the Workshop”). The Workshop aims Continue Reading

AI Software May Predict Flu Season’s Impact

Knowing when the annual influenza virus begins and stops spreading could help doctors, pharmacists and nurses reduce its economic and health impact. Fortunately, computer researchers investigating Artificial Intelligence (AI) forecasting models are making significant headway. A newly published paper “Sequence to Sequence with Attention for Influenza Prevalence Prediction using Google Trends“ by scientists from the University of Continue Reading