Chatbots in Malaysia ‘deeply frustrating’ but potential remains ‘huge’, report says

Brands are increasingly turning to chatbots in Malaysia but few are delivering a positive customer experience, a white paper into the technology has found. Digital agency Entropia branded the majority of chatbots “deeply frustrating” after analysing their reliability, experience and personality. It singled out AirAsia’s Virtual Allstar as an exception which delivered a “seamless experience Continue Reading

Chatbots Software Market to Witness an Outstanding Growth During 2019

he global analysis of Chatbots Software Market and its upcoming prospects have recently added by QYReports to its extensive repository. It has been employed through the primary and secondary research methodologies. This market is expected to become competitive in the upcoming years due to the new entry of a number of startups in the market. Continue Reading

Chatbots for text-messages are penetrating HR departments

TotalSoft, one of the most important providers of business information systems in Central Europe, part of the Logo group since 2016, announces the expansion of investments in the chatbot software dedicated to HR departments. According to international studies, 80 percent of the employees use at least one professional text messaging application. Also, 89 percent of consumers Continue Reading

Chatbots: Beyond the Hype, Now What?

The time when we start with chatbots ‘because it can’ is over. Instead, we look at data-driven chatbots that will really add something to our business processes. Chatbots will become a stable factor in our developments and with this we will confidently enter the fourth industrial revolution with artificial intelligence, robotization, Internet of Things, Cloud Continue Reading

Microsoft unveils ICECAPS to power chatbots with multiple personas

Microsoft Research team has open sourced a new toolkit for conversational modelling that will allow developers and researchers to power their chatbots with multiple personas. Called Intelligent Conversation Engine: Code and Pre-trained Systems, or ICECAPS, the new toolkit is built on top of TensorFlow to enable chatbots generate different responses depending on the environment or Continue Reading